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Creemers Enterprise, LLC Is A Wholesale Distributor Of Gifts, Novelties, Toys, Sundries, And Souvenirs.

Minimum Order Requirements: Minimum Order Is $100.00 And Must Provide Tax ID For Reselling Products.

Methods Of Payment: We Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, And Discover. We Also Accept Bank Checks And Wire Transfer Of Funds.

Credit Terms:

Initial orders are accepted on a prepaid or credit card basis only. Prepaid orders require a wire transfer prior to shipment. All Customers must have on file a valid, current credit card which includes account name, account number, billing address, expiration date and security code. Credit cards are charged at time of shipments. In the event a credit card is declined, a customer service representative will contact Customer to address correction of the problem. Any subsequent declined transactions may result in your order being cancelled. Any order(s) without a valid method of payment shall be dishonored/ cancelled, and the Customer will be required to re-submit the order to be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. A valid state sales Tax ID No. must be provided to SBI before Customer's initial order to establish an account with Creemers.

International Orders:

All international orders are sold on an "ex-works" basis. customer must make all shipping arrangements with their own freight carriers. payment on international orders can be made by credit card or wire transfer of funds. international orders paid by credit card may be subject to additional service fees. international orders paid by wire transfer will be charged a forty dollar and no cents ($40.00) bank service fee. cancelled orders that have already been packed are subject to a twenty-five percent (25%) restocking fee.

Net 30 Terms:

The privilege of net 30 terms is offered to Customers who have submitted a satisfactory credit application with references, and is available for only second and subsequent order(s). According to the policy and practice of Creemers Enterprise, LLC, "Net 30" constitutes payment of any balance due within thirty (30) days of the invoice date. For all Customers, any past due balance(s) will be assessed a finance charge equal to eighteen percent (18%) per annum. Future/subsequent order(s) will not be processed and released for shipment until any and all past due balance(s) is (are) paid in full, including any accrued finance charge(s). In the event of the need to institute a collection action with/through a collection agency and/or a licensed attorney for any balance(s)/monies due and owing to SBI, all reasonable attorneys' fees, as well as costs and expenses associated with such collection action, shall be the full, exclusive responsibility and obligation of the Customer(s) with full reimbursement/recovery to Creemers Enterprise LLC.


SBI is a ship as ready company. All new items may take up to ninety (90) days to receive from the date a purchase order is confirmed. In stockitems are generally delivered within one (1) to two (2) weeks from date a purchase order is confirmed. Order acknowledgements are prepared at the time of order placement. SBI cannot guarantee or hold stock. For orders requiring expedited shipment, special arrangements may be made with SBI and will incur a Fifty dollar and no cents ($50.00) "rush fee". SBI will undertake any reasonable accommodation(s), and exert its best efforts to meet and to satisfy a request/need of its Customer, but due to size, delivery requirements and other factors, SBI cannot, and does not, guarantee that the requested date shall be met.


Creemers makes every reasonable effort to ship product as quickly as possible. If a back-order situation arises, Creemers represents that it will ship the back-ordered goods (without additional notice) as soon as the items become available.


For Customers that are Stocking Dealers, orders are generally shipped by pallet, case pack only. Creemers uses common carriers. No COD shipments are accepted. For Retail Store Customers, orders are generally shipped by FedEx or UPS for smaller size purchase orders. Creemers reserves the right to charge additional freight to Customers for various reasons, including, without limitation, residential delivery, inside delivery, liftgate service, notification pre-delivery or other surcharges imposed by the carrier. Unless specified by Customer, Creemers will designate a carrier and freight will be added to the invoice. Drop ship orders will be charged a $25.00 drop ship fee in addition to regular shipping. All drop shipments require approval unless you are a pre-approved drop ship merchant. Freight charges for Sale items will be based on the original price for those items.

Refused Shipments:

All refused shipments are subject to a twenty-five percent (25%) re-stocking fee, as well as shipping charges in all directions.


In the event of damage found on arrival as to any shipment, Customer is entitled to refuse/decline acceptance, which refusal/declination must be noted specifically (in detail) on the delivery receipt. Photos are required of any claimed damage of the packaging, in addition to the product itself, to file and to perfect a claim. In the event of the discovery of any "concealed" damage, Customer must file/forward a detailed report to/with Creemers within ten (10) days of receipt of goods, or the (any) such claim may be denied/rejected. SBI has available "Damage Claim Forms" which must be used, completed and submitted, together with appropriate and relevant documentation (such as images, pictures, etc.) to sales@creemers.us. Any shortages of product/goods must also be noted on the delivery receipt, and reported to Creemers Enterprise LLC within ten (10) days of receipt of the product/goods.


Creemers Enterprise LLC will not accept returns and/or damaged merchandise without a "Return Authorization" obtainable by contacting, in advance, sales@creemers.us. Any and all returns for reason(s) other than shipping damage and/or manufacturer defect are subject to a twenty-five percent (25%) restocking fee, in addition to shipping and handling charges in all directions.

Cancellation Policy:

Creemers Enterprise LLC may accept, in its sole discretion, cancellation of any order prior to shipment. SBI is to be contacted by telephone at 517.394.3300 or sales@creemers.us to request cancellation of the order. Absent confirmation from Creemers Enterprise LLC that an order has been canceled, Customer may be held responsible for payment of the invoice, including any shipping and handling charges.


SSL encryption is used to transmit the personal and financial information of a Customer over the Internet in order to ensure the most possible safe and secure transaction.


It is the policy and practice of Creemers Enterprise not to divulge, to lend and/or to share Customer information to third parties.